Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start

In gardening it can be difficult to say when is the beginning and when is the end. Is the beginning in the spring when tender shoots sprout from the soil or is it in the fall when plants return to the ground only to begin the process of gaining new strength to sprout forth again the following spring. It’s sort of a chicken vs. egg conundrum. I suppose one could spend alot of time thinking about this but then not alot of gardening would get done. Personally I like to think that a garden really begins in the fall when the current years growth dies back to rejuvenate the plant for the next growing season. So, with that said, I spent a little time in the garden this afternoon for some pre-fall clean up. I really needed to do some major league weeding. I started with the back corner garden and figured I’d just do about an hours worth. It can get overwhelming so smaller chunks of time seem much more manageable. I was able to unearth the two mums I planted last year. Can’t remember where I got them…probably Walmart. I was amazed to see them come up and now they look really great. I also started to clean up the irises. I threw them in “temporarily” a few years ago (the year we remodeled the kitchen) and haven’t touched them since. I really need to divide them up and move some more to the lake. Got about half done…enough for one day!

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