Lovely Lupine

Originally uploaded by gardenlife

By far, Lupine are among my favorite flowers. Krista first gave me a few seedlings years ago. They have been blooming at will in my garden ever since.

Last year T and I each sowed some wild Lupine seeds. Her’s grew so well but mine struggled along all summer. Not sure if it was lack or sun, poor soil or my dog tromping over them. I’m anxious to see if any come back this year. In the meantime, I have many more seeds to sow this year. Since I failed to do it last fall, I will try to plant them this spring. I read (somewhere!) that you can spread the seed over the snow in late winter/early spring. I may tryI this with some of the seeds. I will also try to plant some in pots. It will be an experiment as so much of my gardening is.


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