Spring is Springing

…it hasn’t yet fully “sprung” but it is definately on the way. Saw a chipmunk this morning. Haven’t seen those little fellas in a long time. Also seeing lots of robins now and geese flying north.


I hope to plant some seeds later today. Ordered some tomato (Kallio) and Basil from Terroir. The Kallio seeds are supposed to do well in cooler climates so they should be good for up north.

Danielle, Krista and I went to the Chicago Garden and Flower show a couple of weeks ago. It was great for motivation and inspiration. There were many Hellebores in almost all of the displays…absolutely beautiful. They are definately a “must have” for this year.

I also was “on-line shopping happy” with gardening toys this week. I ordered a telescoping lopper from Fiskars, Slogger garden shoes $19.95 and some garden gloves. I also bought a new transplanting spade and a Fiskars pole pruner at Steins. The new pruner and lopper should help with all the back breaking bending and kneeling.

Bring on the Spring Cleanup!


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