Beautiful Compost!

My compost bin! Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, it will be once it decomposes. I acquired this bin through the City of New Berlin when they had a sale about 25 years ago…actually right at the beginning of the big composting craze of recent years. My mom always had a compost pile “brewing” in our back yard. She was clearly ahead of her time. This bin has served me well…I relocated it here last fall when i was doing some rearranging in the back raised bed where it’s been since I got it. This isn’t the best spot so I’ll have to figure out a new home for it…although it’s not so easy to move when it’s full! I filled it up yesterday after doing some more of the Spring Cleanup then topped it off with some kitchen scraps this morning. I’ll take some more pictures later to show how quickly it decomposes and sinks down into the bin.

I took a ton more pictures of the garden too but will post those later…need to get outside before the rain comes!

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