Spring in the Garden

The Bleeding Hearts are growing like crazy. Moved them to the big raised bed a couple of years ago and they are doing great. They seem to like a little bit of morning sun. They get shade in the afternoon.

The front garden is doing well too. I took these pics on Monday and have they ever grown in just a few days. The little white Iris’ are starting to bloom.

Today I did a little clean up in the back bed behind the family room. Lots of thistles popping up already. I dug up a cransebill geranium that was being smothered by the lamium and moved it to the front garden. It’s a little spindly but will hopefully do ok with a little TLC.

Then I dug up some Coral Bells from the front V garden. They were being crowded out by the Obedient Plant which is anything but! I ripped out a bunch of those because they just can’t stay put. I then moved the Coral Bells to the front lamp post bed.

There were TONS of little Lupine seedlings. I dug up a few and put
them in a pot for Krista. She and Pete happened to walk by and she was thrilled to get them.

I whipped up a couple of batches of deer repellent and sprayed all around the yard. Not taking any chances with those darn deer. There is a herd of about 9 roaming the neighborhood. Lots of bunnies around too.

I finished up the day by mulching the front bed with compost from the NB recycling center.

Another good day in the garden!


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