Last Call for Bulbs

The corner bed at the side of the house.   I will get rid of the edging next Spring.
One lone Hellebores.  I fell in love with them this year and hope it makes it through the winter.  If it does I plan to grow alot more.
I needed to spend some time in the Fernwood (Blue Lake) garden to finish planting my bulbs last weekend.  Pleased to have great weather,  I planted the bulbs (Allium and Daffodils) and then thought I might fill in the bed with cranberry compost.  I started hauling compost by the pailful but soon realized that would take me too long and I was burning daylight.  And being that the wheelbarrow was in the shed, loaded with hoses to store for the winter, I needed to come up with something more efficient.  Duh…the Kubota tractor!  So I had Kurt pick up a bucketful with the front end loader and drive it on over.  I shoved most of it right out of the bucket and then had him dump the rest.  Worked like a charm and saved me tons of time.   I figure the bucket holds about two wheelbarrows full.

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