In Memory


Sometimes things happen and they touch you in inexplicable ways. About a week ago I had just finished arranging some flowers from the garden when the phone rang. I plopped the bouquet on the dining room table and grabbed it. It was T.

“Are you hearing all the sirens outside?”

It was a cool morning and I had all my windows closed so, no, I did not hear the sirens. Later she called again to tell me there had been a horrible accident just up the road from my summer home.  A spot I drive, walk, bike or scoot by on a daily basis.

“Not a surprise.”

“It was bound to happen.”

“If they had only lowered the speed limit”.

” I hope it wasn’t anyone we know.”

These were the things that were said by one or the other of us as we talked how the accident might have happened. You see the speed limit on that stretch of road is 45 mph. Yes, you heard that right…45 mph! The more I think about it the angrier I get…who in their right mind thinks that 45 is an acceptable speed for a rural residential road? Sadly, this accident resulted in two fatalities and as it happened, the surviving driver of one of the vehicles was a friend of my two sons. It seemed the accident had hit home in more ways than one.  A tragedy beyond words, my heart breaks for all the families involved and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  I was moved to send letters to town board members and to the local paper.  Perhaps now the powers that be will be willing to revisit the issue of lowering the speed limit.

Days following the accident the roadside memorial grew and I thought of the people who laid flowers and other mementos at the site…friends, family members, others whose lives they had touched. So sad.

Exactly a week after the accident Kurt and I packed up to head home. The bouquet of flowers I had picked that morning were fading so I intended to drop them on the compost heap as we drove up the driveway.  Kurt slowed down when we got to the compost bin but I told him to keep driving.  We would be driving right by the accident corner.

“I’d like to drop these flowers at the memorial.”

You see, my life has been touched too.


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