The Sunken Garden


It’s not exactly a real “sunken garden” but I love how dark and mysterious this corner of my garden is from this angle. It’s actually a rather neglected area yet seems to thrive in spite of it. That is when the deer aren’t munching on the hostas or hydrangeas. This year the hydrangeas are especially beautiful. I think the deer pruning they got last fall was beneficial.

I planted a Ninebark in the bed next to the house. It looks great there; nice contrast to the white edged hostas. I fell in love with the Ninebark when Tammy S and I did the garden walk a few years ago. We saw it at the hospice garden…a large, gorgeous one. I also planted three of them in NB. They were an end of the season bargain at Steins last fall.

Here’s another photo from the ‘sunken garden’; not the best pic but you can see the Ninebark in the corner…



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