New year…new post! (Finally)

I actually think we are on the upswing now…temps reached into the high 50s this weekend and the last of the snow just melted today. The  tulips and daffodils are coming up.  So I guess Spring is just around the corner.  But oh, what awaits me!  I really slacked off on the garden clean up last Fall so there is a ton of work to be done.  Good news is that I retire in less than 80 days!  Yes, you heard that right.  After almost 33 years at the Milwaukee YMCA I am about to hang up my hat.  The bad news is that it isn’t until the end of June and with working full time it doesn’t leave much time to work in the garden.

Last Fall, we cut down all the buckthorn and other assorted wild shrubs.  There are still a few left along the side of the house.  It left for quite a mess (stumps) which we now need to deal with.  My plan at this point is to dig up what we can and chainsaw the rest  down to the ground.  I’d also like to plant a few more shrubs and expand the front garden to the other side of the pine tree.  Then spread wood chip mulch over the whole area.  I really need to get it to a point where it doesn’t require alot of upkeep.  Wish me luck!

Anyway, while I’m sitting around here waiting for Winter to get a move on, here is a little bit of Spring that I was able to enjoy at the Chicago Garden and Flower Show last month.  Enjoy!

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