The Garden Appreciation Society

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Although we have never met, I have a new Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook “friend” whose blog I follow.  Erin,  The Impatient Gardener, (  has come up with a great garden sharing idea.  The concept is to look at your garden in new ways, create interesting bouquets and share them.  And since I do alot of this anyway I thought it would be fun to participate!

So here is my first contribution to The Garden Appreciation Society.  Kurt felt that these crabapple branches were in his way when mowing the lawn yesterday so he whacked them off and tossed them aside.  I happened upon the droopy bundle late in the day and brought them inside.  They perked up quite nicely when I put them in water.  What was about to be headed to the compost pile is now a wonderful display in my kitchen.  Needless to say, even he has a new appreciation for them now!


You can read more about The Garden Appreciation Society and find out how to post your own garden bouquet here:

 photo GAS-LOGO_zpse4bdf51a.gif


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