Shady Acres

After a morning of errands I decided to treat myself to a little visit to Shady Acres in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  They were having their annual herb sale and who can resist buying a few herbs?!!!  Naturally there were a few other things that caught my eye.

20130601-210306.jpgThe entrance was breathtaking with all the purple allium in bloom.



20130601-210422.jpgAnd the Heuchera were especially lovely…so I bought a few!!!


20130601-210503.jpgHere’s my load…part of it anyway.  I was only half way through at this point.  Should have taken the bigger wagon!

20130601-210516.jpgThe display gardens are so beautiful!




Hope to see you again soon, Shady Acres!


2 thoughts on “Shady Acres

  1. Margaret,

    I too love the Heucheras. What is the little yellow flower in the background of the picture right after the one with the metal heron? By the way, I love the nitrile gloves. Found a 3 pak at Walmart for $3.87! I can even machine wash them.


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