Garden Update

Lots going on in the garden all of a sudden. The Virginia Bluebells are blooming and trying to wander all over the garden. These beauties came from my friend, Krista’s grandmother’s garden in Cedarburg, WI.


The Bleeding Hearts are exploding now too.  Must remember to divide them next Spring!


I was a little concerned about these lilies but there they were…right smack in the middle of the Iris.  Something else for the to do list!


There was a little grass in between these stones, winding it’s way in and amongst the Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia Vulgaris).  Never a fun job to deal with and before I knew it I had the whole bed ripped apart.  Thankfully the tiller made quick work of cutting a fresh edge.  I must remember do that more often.  I then employed my new Hori-Hori knife to cut and pull out all the grass.  Of course, while I was at it, I managed to claim yet another 5 inches of lawn.  And that is how a 1 hour project turned into a 5 hour affair!


Most of the Loosestrife had to get dug up and replanted.


I had already cleaned up the front side of this bed so at least I had that going for me.  Notice those nasty yews in front of the house?  They had a pretty tough winter but I do see quite a bit of new growth.  I was secretly hoping the damage would be significant and Kurt would agree to rip them out.  More on that issue another time!


My little white Iris “Snow Maiden” are starting to bloom.  Yippee!  They are always the first Iris to make an appearance.  And here is my one, lone yellow tulip.  Somehow the bunnies missed this one!


And what do we have here?  A Lupine popping up in the middle of the sedum.  Last year I had none so I am thrilled to see several Lupine seedlings in the front bed.  Will need to give this guy a little space and move some of the sedum aside.


Here are the Yellow Loosestrife that were dug up and replanted  They drooped for a day or so but have perked up nicely.  Last year something killed off a whole section of this plant…big disappointment because it looks so pretty with the pink peony behind it.  This plant is a spreader but it’s easy to pull out and share!


A volunteer Golden Allysum with a Mountain Bluet, aka Centaurea Montana, aka Perennial Bachelor Buttons, aka Perennial Cornflower…don’t you just love botanical nomenclature???


by Linda Pastan

Just as we lose hope
she ambles in,
a late guest
dragging her hem
of wildflowers,
her torn
veil of mist,
of light rain,
her dandelion
in our ears;
and we forgive her,
turning from
chilly winter
we throw off
our faithful
and open
our arms.


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