No, not the creepy, crawly kind. These spiders are delightful additions to my containers and are guaranteed not to send me off screaming! To be honest, I’m not as creeped out by spiders as I used to be, having discovered how valuable they are in the garden. I’ve learned to simply tolerate them…at least as long as they stay out if the house! Thankfully, living in Wisconsin, there is no real threat of venomous spiders. We have two, the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. Neither are of a concern to gardeners as they are rare and well, at least in the case of the Brown Recluse…reclusive!

Anyway, back to my delightful green spiders. My spider plant produces loads of babies every year. If you have one of these plants you probably know how easy they are to root. Simply snip them off and place in a glass of water. I usually root them in the winter so they are ready to go when I need to fill my pots in the Spring. Cheap, easy, fun. And definately not creepy!

This container is planted completely with cuttings from last years plants. (Coleus/Spider Plant)<!


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