A Late Summer Storm

We had one heck of a storm this week. I knew that thunderstorms were expected on Wednesday night and Thursday morning so I got myself ready with a few storm supplies…lantern, candles and a bucket of water…just in case the power went out. Tuesday night’s storm passed without even a flicker of lost power but I wasn’t going to be so lucky on Thursday morning. The news warned of 70-80 mph winds and baseball sized hail. Baseball sized???!!!  Really??!!!  I figured I better keep Roxy and Mav close by in case we needed to head to the basement. The storm started with some hail but only about the size of marbles. It quickly switched to rain and then the winds started. OMG! My pine trees started swaying like they were made out of rubber. It didn’t take long for the power to go out. I grabbed the cat and got ready to head downstairs when I heard a loud crack. A large maple tree snapped off out back…thankfully falling away from the house. Little did I know there were other big trees falling all around me. The storm passed relatively quickly but the rain lingered so I wasn’t able to leave the house until about noon. I headed over the boathouse and was stopped dead in my tracks when I turned the corner. The Mueller’s large pine tree had fallen across the street and had the road completely blocked. Further ahead a large oak tree lay across the street and yet another oak was laying on a neighbor’s roof. It looked like a war zone! When I looked over towards our boathouse I had another shock. The giant pine next to the boathouse had heaved out of the ground taking with it, our stairs, dock and retaining wall. The tree was propped up by an oak tree but both are dangerously close to the power line. They will surely have to come down.  It makes me incredibly sad to lose my beloved pine trees. I’m sure the eagles are sad too…these trees were a favorite afternoon resting spot.

The weekend was filled with the sound of chain saws buzzing and it didn’t take long for things to get back to normal.  Tomorrow I’ll meet with the insurance adjuster to determine the fate of the leaning pine and oak trees.  I’ll probably end up with new stairs and landscaping.  Sadly, the trees can’t be replaced…at least not in my lifetime.  On the bright side, the eagles have already found a new place for their mid day nap and I will get a longer glimpse of the sun.




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