Today was a long overdue garden day. I spent most of the afternoon deadheading and moving some things around with intentions of staying out until sundown.  Unfortunately the day had other plans and a quick little thunderstorm cut my gardening short.


My friend, Mary, gave me this daylily a couple of years ago.  Last year I think there were one or two blooms…this year it was loaded and gave me several weeks of spectacular beauty!


After developing a crack which rendered it useless as a birdbath, I repurposed it as a succulent garden. Not sure how I’m going to overwinter this however…

Wow, you can really get an idea how the cranberry compost looks in this photo!  I ordered 10 yards earlier this summer and have been chipping away at the pile V E R Y    S L O W L Y!!!  I actually took this photo for a couple other reasons though.  First, the pathetic looking hosta (I believe it’s a ‘Frances Williams’) is what is left after I transplanted it from NB several years ago.  It got swallowed up by some Ligularia…will have to deal with that mess next year!  Second, I sadly broke this terra cotta pot.  It was one that Laura (previous owner) left behind.  Laura had broken pots all over the garden so I stuck it here in homage to her!

The hosta behind the pot is a ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’.  Got this one from the Wisconsin Master Gardener’s conference a few years ago.  It was in a bad spot and has been nibbled by deer more than once so I’m going to try this new location and see if I can help it along some!

This bed is sorely in need of an overhaul.  The violets have run amuck!  I dug out a daylily and Joe Pye Weed to make room for two hostas.  The tag for the larger green one is long since gone so I have no idea what it is!  The smaller one was gifted to me by my SIL’s Aunt Janet.  I was privileged to see her incredible hosta garden in Door County a few times and she always sent me home with a few treasures!  She received ‘El Nino’ on her honeymoon after she coerced the original garden owner to share.  To me it will always be my Honeymoon Hosta!

Here is the transplanted daylily.  This side of the bed gets more sun.  I also threw in a variegated sedum. And, yes, that is what’s left of my rhubarb.  Hoping this will work as the rhubarb will be harvested early to give room for the others.  Also note the violets that desperately need taming!

Here’s the transplanted Joe Pye Weed.  Those Iris also need to come out…not enough sun.

This is one of my favorite views of the garden and one of my favorite Hostas, ‘Guacamole’.  This one was a piece that I dug up from my NB garden.  I really should transplant some more!

Another Hosta from Aunt Janet.  Hosta Montana ‘Aureomarginata’.  The edges are a beautiful golden yellow.  The Gooseneck Loosestrife will definitely have to be moved out to make room for this big beauty.  Speaking of the Loosestrife, I believe I purchased it at last year’s Southeast Master Gardener perennial plant sale.  I seem to remember reading that it was not invasive…WRONG…as pretty as it is, this plant is definitely aggressive in the garden.

My daily visitor.  We’ve had more toads and frogs than we can count this year.  This guy comes every night and hangs out by the garage door.

Sad, but true…some of the leaves are already starting to turn.

Another shot of ‘Guacamole’.  That’s a ‘Krossa Regal’ behind it.

Great Blue Lobelia is a Wisconsin native. I need to move some of this to the meadow…love it!

‘Guacamole’ again.  The slugs are having a bit of a go with it. To the right is another hosta that ended up as a deer salad!

New this year!  Welcome to the garden Hosta ‘Neptune’!

These geraniums probably could use more sun so they will be on the list of things to move next year.

Yet another shot of ‘Guacamole’ and ‘Krossa Regal’.  The Joe Pye Weed in the back is gigantic!

Tag is long lost on this one.  The deer munched on it earlier in the summer.  It came apart into two pieces when I dug it out so I planted each piece separately.

So there you have it…my afternoon in the garden!  Can’t wait to get back out there again!


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