hoe and hook

First and foremost, I am a gardener!  Honestly, it’s what I love to do most.  When I started this blog I really  just intended for it to be a way  to keep personal notes, photos and other fun garden stuff in one spot.  Today’s post, however, has absolutely nothing to do with gardening.

Because I live in Wisconsin (USA), my gardening time is limited to  April through October. During the rest of the year I need to keep myself occupied with indoor stuff!  Fortunately, I do not suffer from a lack of things to do.  My  winter activities include quilting and crocheting…in between planning for the next gardening season, of course!

About a year ago I met a woman from Illinois named Laurene.  We met on a Facebook group, CAL – Crochet A Long.  I had joined several crochet groups because I resumed crocheting after I retired and the inspiration there was nothing short of amazing.  The CAL group quickly became my favorite. Laurene was the administrator for the group and it wasn’t long before she asked me to join the admin team.  I was happy to join a wonderful group of women from around the globe who shared my interest in crocheting.  And although we have never met in person, Laurene has become a dear friend not to mention an incredible enabler!!! 😉

Fast forward one year…it’s been an amazing whirlwind with new CALs, new friends, pattern testing, a CAL blog, world wide pattern translators, and a skyrocketing membership that’s nearing 30,000! Not to mention our anniversary CAL, “Friends Around the World”.   I’m so proud of what this group has accomplished!

So, in recognition of our achievements, we decided to ask some of the top crochet bloggers and designers in the world to design a square for an anniversary CAL.  You can find out more about the CAL here.  I, too, decided to create a square although I am by no means a designer!  I’m honored to be a part of this CAL and excited (and a little nervous!) to share my square, Twist and Shout.

Twist and ShoutYou’ll find the pattern and a video tutorial below as well as links to translations in several languages, thanks to our incredible translation team.  I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did creating it!

Thanks for stopping by!


Video Tutorial for the special Chain Twist stitch:

Chain Twist Video Tutorial


Twist and Shout (English/US)









twist 2

Here’s the whole square (turned on it’s side).  You can see that it has a C2C look to it, but it is actually created by stitching side to side rows with a unique Chain Twist stitch.


twist 3

Here is a close up of the Chain Twist.  Check out the video tutorial for instructions on how to make it!

Last but certainly not least (this is a gardening blog after all), here are a couple of shots of the garden as it starts to fade into Fall…

Hydrangeas getting their pink on!

Purple rain! This is one of my favorite late summer bloomers, Great Blue Lobelia, a Wisconsin native.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Hook and Sometimes I Hoe!

  1. Your intro to your blog struck a note/chord in my heart, as I also recently retired and have resumed expressing my creative side with crocheting, knitting, gardening, card stamping, carving and any other craft I find I can do. I especially love making flowers grow, but seeing food pop up from the ground and on trees is very exciting as well. I will enjoy following your blog. I’m certain I will learn a lot!

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