I’m still not sure what happened to Spring.  The calendar says summer is tomorrow but it’s felt like summer for a few weeks now.  And that’s after a horrendous Winter that pretty much skipped Spring.  That meant I lost all of April which is when I do most of my garden clean up so I’m still playing catch up.  The garden in New Berlin isn’t bad but there are definitely areas that need attention.  I’ll get to them eventually…maybe!!!

This Jack in the Pulpit appeared out of nowhere!  What a treat it was to find it.
Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ bloomed for the first time
Sarah Bernhardt Peonies never disappoint!
Peony perfection!
Fire and Ice Hosta (sprinkled with Milorganite!)
I do believe this is why our mothers and grandmothers planted this wretched plant. Bishops Weed looks fabulous with this dark green hosta!
The miserable Bishop’s Weed…a constant battle
Hostas looking fine!
One giant Bleeding Heart became four!

Meanwhile, in Minocqua, things are slowly coming together in spite of the melt down I had last weekend.  Seriously, I was ready to quit gardening all together.  No joke, it was the deer that pushed me to the edge.  I had been so diligent about spraying and throwing out Milorganite.  And then Kurt set up the (motion detection) sprinklers…at least I thought he did!  Turns out he neglected to finish setting up the ones on the side of the house (where most of my hostas are, I might add!).  I left for a couple of days and it was not a pretty sight when I returned.  All hostas on that side of the house were eaten to the ground!


There was a nice size Guacamole and a Krossa Regal right there.  On the left (not pictured) was a montana ‘Aureomarginata’…that one really hurt to lose!  On the right are the new ones I just got at Hanson’s in Rhineland.  Apparently they don’t care for ‘Curly Fries’ since only a couple leaves were missing.  I plopped the potted hosta in the middle of the bed, just because!

Kurt and I resorted to putting up a mesh deer fence which you can see in the pic.  I’m really hoping that this will help, along with the sprinklers.  I do think that there is an electric fence in my future, though.

Meanwhile, there were some other fun things happening in the garden so I’ll just post a few pics of a few of them.

Lot’s of Siberian Iris in bloom
The rabbit garden hasn’t had any deer damage…yet!
These peonies were flopping after the torrential rain last weekend but they made a great bouquet for inside!
These Foxgloves are pretty but OH SO INVASIVE!
These roses were a nice surprise
We’ve had so many different butterflies!
Well hello little frog! This is actually a Spring Peeper…I’ve never seen one but we sure do hear them.

Happy Gardening!


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