Scabiosa atropurpurea sounds more like a disease than a flower.  ‘Snow Maiden’ is actually one of the most elegant and classy annuals you can grow in my area. Also known as Pincushion Flower, ‘Snow Maiden’ is a beautiful cluster of soft white petals that is attractive to bees and butterflies.

Earlier this year I was asked to design a crochet square for the CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group’s 3rd anniversary CAL, Friends Around the World.  As a crocheter AND gardener, I naturally decided I wanted to create a flower.  When I finished it, there was no question that it was a ‘Snow Maiden’!

I have to tell you what an honor it is to be included in the line up of crochet designers from around the world.  A project like this takes about a year to complete…from the initial designing, to creating the pattern, testing, creating videos and translations and then ultimately releasing the designs.  This is the second time that I’ve designed a square for this CAL. The first was in 2016 for the very first “Friends” CAL.  You can find the pattern for that square here:  Twist and Shout Square.

Especially exciting is that I’ve been able to team up with well known crochet designer, Bonnie Barker of Bonnie Bay Crochet.  Bonnie is the author of several crochet publications and books and I am humbled that she has created a video for the Snow Maiden square.   Be sure to check out Bonnie’s website for more information on her fabulous designs.  You can find the video for Snow Maiden here.    I know you’re going to find it really helpful!  I’m also thrilled that Bonnie will be creating videos for the remaining squares in the Friends Around the World CAL!

Snow Maiden Pattern

Snow Maiden Video








If you’re here for the crochet, be sure to post photos of your finished squares on the CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook group page.  For more information about the CAL and all other sorts of crochet things, go here.

And for those of you here for the gardening, you can find seeds for Scabies altropurpurea ‘Snow Maiden’ are available here:

Johnny’s Seeds

Annie’s Annuals

Floret Flower Farm

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