New year…new post! (Finally)

I actually think we are on the upswing now...temps reached into the high 50s this weekend and the last of the snow just melted today. The  tulips and daffodils are coming up.  So I guess Spring is just around the corner.  But oh, what awaits me!  I really slacked off on the garden clean up … Continue reading New year…new post! (Finally)


Chicago Flower and Garden Show

These are some pics I took at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. I was able to rope Danielle and Krista into going with me.What a fabulous day!First we went to Danielle's brother's deli on Michigan Ave. Panozzo's. We bought all sorts of yummy Italian stuff...sausage, meatballs, cheese. We also each got a sandwich figuring … Continue reading Chicago Flower and Garden Show