Sad, but true…I’m just not getting any younger and it seems that a day in the garden takes more of a toll than it used to.  As such, I’ve become all about making my life easier.  Getting the job done efficiently and conveniently is important to me and I will search out the best, affordable garden tools.  Less effort and more enjoyment is my motto! These are things I just can’t live without…

Fleco Pruners
Expensive but worth it…I use these constantly.  Don’t get me wrong, I have lot’s of other ones that work well too but these are my tried and true.

Atlas Nitrile Gloves
I love these!  I have many pairs and buy at least 2 new pair every year. They are thin and strong and inexpensive. There are other brands as well…I found some at Home Depot recently. A friend informs me that they are also available by the 6 pack on Amazon.

Convertible Cargo Pants
I have a few of these pants.  Mine are the lightweight nylon style made for hiking from REI.  The fabric resists dirt and dries quickly.  The extra pockets always come in handy too.  I live in them.

Fiskars Telescoping Lopper
At 55 it’s all about comfort and convenience…anything to save my back!  With these loppers I can make quick work of garden cleanup with out alot of back breaking bending.

Fiskars Pole Pruner
See above!

Multiple size watering cans
Sometimes you just need to water something quick and don’t want to drag out the hose or a large watering can.

Transplanting spade
Invaluable for transplanting and dividing perennials.

Compost sifter
I’m still searching for something that really works well.  The idea is to remove all the little sticks and other debris  leaving you with a wonderfully sifted compost.  I may need to invent something!

Garden Wagon
There’s no better way to shlep your stuff around the yard.  Mine tilts up so it’s easy to unload.

Plastic Garden Sled

Sometimes you need a wagon or cart but sometimes you just need a sled.  Seriously!  And you’ve probably got one of these sleds in your shed from when the kiddos were little.  These sleds are great for dragging heavy things around.  You know, things like that giant hosta you just divided or the heavy pot you need to move to the other end of the yard.  Just tie a long enough rope to make it comfortable for you to drag around.  Your back will thank you.

Plastic Garden Sled

5 Gallon Plastic Buckets
I use these for everything…carrying tools, garden debris, soil, compost, as a garden stool…you name it.

Good quality hand tools
Shovel, fork, hoe, weeder, rake and scoop.

Strong shovel for moving dirt
Soil, compost…anything you need to scoop up.

Hand held rake
I use this alot for clean up.  It’s great when you’re right on the ground working in a small area.

Weeds happen…you need one of these!

Scarecrow Motion detector sprinklers
Deer are everywhere in my neighborhood…these sprinklers by Contech work like a charm and double as dog entertainment!

Wireless Deer Fence
Sometimes you need a second line of defense. These stakes are great for pots or other problem areas. They can be moved easily and they really do work!

Wireless Deer Fence Stakes

Homemade Deer Repellent
There’s no sense spending alot of $$$ at the garden center when you can make this so easily.  I’d rather spend my money on new plants.

4 C Water
1 Egg (beaten)
1 T Chili Oil (like Mongolian Fire)
1/2 C Milk (optional)

Combine ingredients in a large bowl or blender.  Wisk or blend thoroughly until all ingredients are incorporated.  Strain mixture through several layers of cheescloth or an extra fine mesh sieve (otherwise the egg particles will clog up the spray bottle). Pour strained mixture into a large spray bottle.  Shake vigorously prior to using.  I usually make several batches at a time.

Leaf Funnel
This is that convenience thing again.  These leaf funnels make it so easy to fill up bags of yard debris.

Adjustable Rake
I have been through several of these rakes because I am hard on them.  It is a must have for the Spring and Fall Cleanup.  The rake adjusts so that it can be used in wide or narrow places. They’re inexpensive at most hardware stores.

Garden Shoes
In the past I would just wear an old pair of tennis shoes but these days I prefer something I can slip on and off easily.  I garden in all kinds of weather so I  multiple shoes.  If it’s cold and wet I will wear my Classic Mid BOGS.  They keep my feet warm and dry.  But most of the time you’ll find me in my BOGS Clogs.  They have a little bit of a lip in the back but they slip on and off easily which is a must for me.  I wear them with or without socks.  And they come in all sorts of snazzy colors so you can be stylin’ in the garden!

Bogs Clogs

BOGS Clogs  Hands down, these are my all time favorites!

 BOGS Classic Mid  Can’t beat these for cold weather or really tough jobs!



3 thoughts on “Garden Tools

  1. I’m looking for a somewhat heavy duty liner that fits a white 5 gallon bucket. The hand tool pockets are on the outside while the weeds go in the inside of the bucket! Have not been able to find in the stores or searching online. any ideas?

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